About Me

Susan Leader recently retired from the longest job she ever held—18 years at mid-sized asset investment firm, where she was a Managing Director, Institutional Client Relations.  Since many of her friends outside of finance never quite understood what she did, but just knew that she was pretty successful at doing it, we’ll just leave it at that.  Suffice it to say that navigating the world of finance and Wall Street culture wasn’t an easy task and she had to work pretty hard along the way.  By most standards, you’d say that she did an excellent job, earned the respect of colleagues and clients and enjoyed what she did.   She worked for two other investment firms before that, both in London and so, in addition to the demands of a high stress and demanding job while raising her two daughters, she had some pretty amazing travel.   Along the way, she was President of the trade association in the Investment Management Marketing industry, which is only mentioned here as a proof statement of her stature in that field.

Before that, she had a fabulous job at Institutional Investor magazine, where she travelled the world planning conferences for bankers, investors and financial officers globally.  She also did some writing for the magazine…and she’s now calling on these skills in writing this blog.  One of the things she liked most about that job was being able to call anyone to interview them, given the clout of the magazine.  Hopefully, those interviewing skills will be helpful now as well.  

She began here career at at time when financial services were considered by many to be “selling out” and she followed her passion into New York City government where she worked with some of the smartest people she ever encountered designing programs to help save NYC’s existing housing stock and to help welfare recipients find productive jobs in the workforce.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that NYC almost went bankrupt in 1975 with resultant cuts in many of these programs, she might not have left for the world of Wall Street.  

She earned a BA in political science from Wellesley and an MBA in Finance from NYU even graduating first in her class.