My Next Chapter:  The House 2018

While writing this blog, I’ve talked a lot about Chapters in retirement.  And sure enough, it’s happened to me.  Virtually six months after I retired, I am on to my next chapter.  I have sincerely loved writing this blog, talking to many of you and sharing my and your stories about this transition.  And perhaps if I weren’t so panicked by the threats to our democracy and core values from both within and outside of our government, I would be happy to continue writing.  

But the alarm bells that resound daily from the barrage of frightening news from the White House, the Cabinet and Congress are so strident that I can no longer just sit back and complain, whine, and commiserate with others.  I have just had it with talking.  It’s time for action and if I have to be the catalyst for that, I am happy to take up that mantle. Not to be dramatic, but I look back at Nazi Germany and wonder if more people STOOD UP and COMMITTED TO ACTION—would the history books look different today?  My formative political years were filled with activism during the Viet Nam war, when protests were the norm, when activism was the norm, when dissent was the norm.  We didn’t just express outrage…we DID something about it.  And guess what, we DID make a difference at the end of the day.  And to be brutally honest, I think that the threats to our country today are more severe than those we faced in Viet Nam.

I’m hardly a genius when I say that the 2018 mid term elections are absolutely critical to our nation’s future.  The Democrats have the OPPORTUNITY to take control of the House.  But it’s not going to happen just because of the tremendous outrage and fear that so many of us feel.  I firmly and strongly believe that each and everyone of us who spends at least 15 minutes a day expressing our horror at the actions of our President and the complacency—or should I say—cooperation–of the Republican Congress must stand up and do something to combat it.  There’s just a huge disconnect between the outrage that I see people expressing and the level of activity to combat the situation.   Fellow boomers—Just look at your level of activity during the Viet Nam years and compare that to what you are doing now.  And if that spread is wide, then maybe you should think again!

I personally am going to dedicate myself to working toward Democratic control of the House. I’m in the process of figuring out ways to do this and to involving more of you in this fight.  This is a challenge we must take on.  Please make the same pledge.  I’ll be back to report on my progress with information, action items and an effort to get more people on this train.  And I hope that you’ll reach out to me with any thoughts or contacts or ideas you have.  To me, this is the most important call to action of my political life—and yours.


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