Three Weeks in—SHOCKED!!!

If you had told me a three weeks ago, that I’d be sitting at my computer 5 hours a day writing…and spending a whole lot of other hours interviewing and thinking about writing…I would have told you to get off the drugs.  And yet, I would have been so very very wrong, since that’s what I’m doing.

From a journal entry written to compile my own personal thoughts about my upcoming retirement to this…sort of passion about writing about my transition and that of others.  Honestly, I’m shocked.  I mean …my closets are still a mess, sweaters still need those moth holes sewed up, I haven’t been to the Whitney and I haven’t watched an episode of Man in the High Castle, Homeland or seen La La Land.

And so I wonder…What is going on here?  Well…first of all, don’t get over your skis too much, I say to myself.  Admit it—you have taken quite a bit of time off—5 days in Florida (and the 2 interviews you did weren’t overly time consuming), 5 days in DC for The Women’s March and grandchildren visits and more upcoming trips.  So, you can’t quite call yourself a workaholic.

And honestly, it is that FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY that put the writing “work” into an entirely different context than my old job.  Before, I had to count the number of days out of the office (that’s really true, by the way).  Now, I can come and go as I please.  That is just a sublime thing…I just love it.  

Nonetheless, I am still shocked by my passion for this blog.  As I look back at my career and think about what made me smile—understanding people was a biggie.  I really like talking to people, figuring out what makes them tick and then building relationships based on that.  Well…writing this blog definitively checks that box.  And if I look further back, I’ve always liked writing.  So….this blog taps into two things that make me very happy.  So, what’s not to like. Add to that the fact that this is something I’ve never done before, so there’s a novelty to it all.  I mean, one person I interviewed actually called me a “journalist”.  Gotta love it!!

And then I have to admit to some (really, Susan…some?????)  Type-A-ness in this whole project.  When someone commented how great it was that I was enjoying this so much, I answered that my goal was to have enough readers so that I could get ads.  Did I think that I would be setting goals in my retirement?  I mean I don’t even have a Fit Bit!  And yet, that’s exactly what I am doing.

Does this mean that once a Type A …always a Type A?  Or is this my own personal transition?  Guess what?….can’t answer that one.  Tune in later as I try to figure that one out.


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    Still loving this!

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