OK boomers…you all remember that quote from that iconic TV show The Naked City, right?  Well, according to the 2014 Census, there are 76.4 million baby boomers.  And each of them has a story, right?    And each of them at some point will be thinking about… has thought about …or has actually “done” retirement. The stories and the actions are as diverse as their backgrounds, I imagine.

I’ll bet you know where I’m going with this.  Where I’m going can be summarized in the true tag line from the Naked City: “There are 8 million stories in the Naked City: This has been one of them.”  So, my retirement saga that I’ve been telling on this blog is just “one of them.”  Granted, mine is an interesting tale, (especially to me), but there are many many many stories out there and many more exciting, deep and noteworthy than mine. 

Step back and think about the fact that if you go into your neighborhood bookstore … (oh wait… those hardly exist anymore.  But if you’re a Boomer, you still love browsing those shelves and you’ll drive 5 miles to do so.) Pardon that diversion, but when you do peruse the shelves in that store or listings on Amazon, how many books are there about retirement that deal with subjects other than:  Exercising to keep your brain active or Eating well after retirement or the biggie, Saving for retirement.  Yup, these are all books that should and already have been written…ad nauseam.

Compare that to the volume of and breadth of titles of books directed at the “younger generation”.  Brides can spend days wading through all the books that help them plan any sort of wedding from Kathmandu to Machu Picchu.  Is there an expecting Mom in the universe who hasn’t read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting?” And let’s not get started looking at the the humongous number of child rearing titles.  I mean, all we had was Doctor Spock and T. Berry Brazelton..and look what’s happened since then!  

But where is the shelf of guidebooks that deal with what I’ve called the “soft-fuzzy personal side of retirement.”  It’s not very large, that’s for sure.  Wouldn’t it be great, I say, to spend “time” with people thinking about retiring or conversely, thinking about NOT retiring or those having a great time in retirement and those struggling with it:  What are their stories?  What choices?  Why?  What challenges?  What regrets?  And which of those stories is relevant to me?  

So, I’m going to expand this blog beyond me.  OK…I know that I am absolutely “fascinating” and so I will continue to discuss my own “retirement journey.”   Beyond the fun of talking about myself, I really enjoy writing and I really enjoy people and I love learning about them, their backgrounds, their decisions etc etc.  And now I see a way to capitalize on all those passions. Just like brides shouldn’t plan their weddings “alone” and Mom’s shouldn’t raise their children “alone”… Boomers need support too!  And I’m here at the ready…wanting to tell all those stories.

Stay tuned to hear about more than me!!! 

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